My brother has beautiful feet. Me, not so much.

It’s been a trying week and the cycle challenge of a lifetime is now just a few days away. In readiness, I have been dealing with my difficult feet… This has led to what I shall simply call Footgate. The video says it all really. In response to overwhelming feedback from the delicate amongst you, I have purposely not included any photos or video of the trotters themselves.

Other gems in this video include:

  • Mention of some other inspirational fundraisers – the Starship Troopers
  • Tales of other cyclists’ nether regions
  • Confusion about the term “pedalling softly”
  • The best little drink yet
  • A final plea to help me get to 50 bikes to donate to underprivileged Kiwi kids. We can do it!

Until next time xx

3 thoughts on “My brother has beautiful feet. Me, not so much.

  1. Getting 4 pairs of padded cycling shorts on at once sounds as epic an adventure as cycling 90km a day… here’s to 50 bikes Helen you’ve got this – hopefully your bike seat is well padded!

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