A day in the life of…

Sometimes I wonder if the Bridget Jones books were written about me; that Helen Fielding had perhaps set up some sort of elaborate spying system in my life ready to document all the ridiculous little disasters that beset me. Not that BJ would be a bad role model – she was after all very endearing. But I do after all have some professional standards to uphold and turning up to work with 2 sets of glasses on my head or late because I’ve forgotten to take my work clothes to the gym with me so I’ve had to divert home again, is probably not good enough. Not bad enough to be reported to the Medical Council but annoying and irritating for others nonetheless.

And so it was that Thursday and Friday unfolded. There were no massive disasters. No house fires, no financial crises, no deaths. Just lots of little things that seem to only happen to me and cluster themselves into a day when I have something I really need to do. In this case, the goal was simple – get to the airport to fly to the capital for a weekend with some friends. My mate T has not been well and a weekend away was just what the doctor ordered. She’s a doctor herself so it was self-prescribed but no need to tell the Medical Council about her either… Anyhow, I’m left with this sense of shame that if someone who has been so ill could get to the airport on time and without any scrapes, why couldn’t I have achieved even this small feat?

So what were the obstacles in my way that hampered any semblance of progress? I’m going to keep you all in suspense and submit you my latest video which says it all. Just a word about my videos

  • I don’t know why the thumbnails sometimes appear sideways
  • I think I’m gradually working out how to look at the phone during filming so I don’t have wandering eyes
  • Yes, they’re a bit long but I do like to chat
  • I don’t like watching or listening to myself so I hope I post the right video with the right text
  • I haven’t worked out (no surprise there) how to edit them

So, it’s 8 minutes long but even I think it’s a ripper. However, when I recorded it, I forgot a couple of very excruciating yet crucial details: every time I mention running, jogging or rushing, you have to picture me doing so with one hand on the back of my dress trying to hold up my knickers. Yes, I’ve lost 15kg recently and they’re somewhat loose, a fact I only discovered when I decided this week that it was time to get summer-ready and ditch the tights… Then later in the day, while shopping, I managed to career into and knock over the whole Jo Malone perfume stand. For those who can’t be bothered with 8 minutes of me wittering, do enjoy the selfie taken in the fabulous hotel toilets. You can rest assured my under garments were secured at the time.


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