The cycling begins with a delayed but successful day

The first day of cycling was complicated by all sorts of things – a late start due to landing so late the previous night (actually, the same day!), a visit from Variety for which we had been given an earlier time and a prolonged boat cruise to a temple which was a Sri Lankan hour, ie 2 hours.

A boat trip to begin the tour
We opened the tour with a boat trip to see some wildlife and a Buddhist temple where we were all issued with string bracelets to make sure we stayed in good health

Then we had a very strange fish curry for lunch. This was followed by being measured for the bikes, changing into cycling gear and all that entails and actually starting.

Starting cycling
Here I am just about to embark on the trip[ of a lifetime. I’m smiling because I’m hysterical.

It was near enough 50 kms during which I was pleasantly surprised that I can actually cycle, albeit slower than anyone else.

The local children were so friendly and wanted to talk to us all the time. In the end, this is what it was all about.

However, we then arrived late to Galle so did not get the promised city tour and we arrived to our hotel on the beach at Ahangama too late to enjoy it. Nonetheless, the gins and tonics were much appreciated, even if they were, by their own admission, a bit cheap! In this video, I explain all. Enjoy!

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