A day of literal and emotional ups and downs

Day 2 of cycling began well. The ladies were all looking pretty in pink, we had a lovely view of the beach from our hotel and a drive down the coast.

Setting off
The beautiful coastline at Ahangama that greeted us this morning.
Ladies in pink
Don’t we all look great in various shades of pink?

Initially cycling was great with several colourful temples en route, plenty of friendly locals waving to us and some interesting stops for fruit and coconuts. IMG_2664

Child with coconut
Everywhere we go the children want to spend time with us!
Colourful temples greet us in most towns, large or small.
Out in the country
Today we experienced the countryside first hand for the first time.

But it was a day of gradual climbing and it became hotter and more humid all the time. Eventually it became evident that there was a slow group and a faster group. In order to stay with the slow group, the guide sent the faster group down an alternate route to the hotel along the main road as this meant they were not likely to become lost. The slower group went cross country down increasingly scenic tracks with rice paddies, banana and coconut plantations, all alongside a river. But the heat and humidity took their toll and a couple of us became exhausted, probably to the point of heatstroke. We reluctantly gave in a took a tuk tuk for the last 3 kilometres, topped off by jumping in the pool at the hotel fully clothed in order to get some relief.

A welcome relief
Jumping in the pool fully clothed after a rollercoaster ride of heat, humidity, tears and laughter.

Fortunately recovery was quick and the afternoon was spent elephant watching in the Ude Walawe national park.

Elephant spotting in Ude Walawe national park.

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