Climbing, turning orange and photobombing

Day 3 started with a lovely trip to an elephant orphanage to see baby elephants being bottle fed. The most impressive observation was the sheer number of school children visiting the orphanage, many of whom were delighted to see us and talk with us.

After making a donation to fund some milk for the elephants, we were off on the bikes. It was a day of gradual climbing but nothing too strenuous and a welcome relief from the difficult terrain of the day before.

Day 3 of cycling
Day 3 of cycling and still smiling

We made more stops for refreshments and ended our journey with coconut rotis before boarding our bus to climb more steeply towards our lunch stop at Ella, taking in a waterfall with a resident monkey population on the way.

Amazing viewpoint at Ella

Then it was time for an ayurvedic spa treatment, “prescribed” for us by an ayurvedic “doctor”. Not only were we placed communally into a giant pizza oven to steam, pummelled and massaged with oils (literally all over) then placed in a coffin-like steam bath for yet more heat, but this whole process appeared to turn me orange.

I turned orange
My spa treatment turned me orange. It might have been something to do with the lady not wiping off the turmeric facial scrub…

We climbed yet further to Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka’s highest town and checked in to the local equivalent of Fawlty Towers only with several Basils and Manuels. What more can you do when faced with a hotel lacking the basics (including a bar!) than bring your own supplies and interact with the other guests? We made friends with the Indian tour group checking in at the same time only to discover the following day that some of them were actually Sri Lankan government officials! As is often the case, triumph arises out of adversity and this was probably one of the most fun nights on the entire trip!

Paul and moustache
A photo of Paul, set up to capture the impressive moustache behind him
Rachael and her friend
A new found friend, thought to be a like-minded tourist but actually a Sri Lankan government minister!
These ladies were so friendly and very happy to be photobombed!
Lift selfie
Lift selfie – even better in the iPhoto live version with hand movements!

Do enjoy the video which explains the day! xx

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