Gems, eccentrics and a common household item which could kill you…

Every so often you have one of those days where you think to yourself “did my life really come to this?”

And so it was that I came to be on the phone for a very long time in the middle of a busy work day discussing the fact that my heated towel rails were not hot. My colleague was looking on, entertained by this interaction while I willed the caller to hurry a little in his explanations as my just heated lunch was rapidly going as cold as said towel rails. But, the more this went on, the funnier it became and the word “blog-worthy” crept into my mind.

Now, excuse me for sounding a little dim but I assumed that the use of the word heated in the name of said bathroom accessories implied that they would be hotter than just slightly warm. But no, they are meant to be like this. I could launch into an explanation here and now as to why this might be, but I won’t because I explain all in the videos which, even I think, are amusing.

Every so often you meet people who are gems and eccentrics. But while I might appear somewhat bemused by the explanations of David, the heated (or not so much) towel rail expert, I love people like him who really brighten my days with their being so passionate about what they do. In fact, I’ll confess to secretly wanting to be a gem and an eccentric. Maybe I already am one. And that would be absolutely fine.

Enjoy and please don’t forget that as you lie in your beds every night, I might have actively saved you from dying due to the perils of the heated towel rail… You can thank me later x

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