F*** Off i’m Grounded again or maybe Friends Of Generosity? Fog, fog and fog

FOG, FOG and more FOG. The bloody stuff has scuppered my movements all week. Fog in Christchurch, fog in Auckland. Fog that’s spoiled travel plans, sunrises, visits to friends… Still, it can’t be helped. As sure as the sun comes up and down, we will get fog.

Summing up this week’s fog-related travel disasters would amount to a novel so here’s a very potted summary:


  • Unable to land in Christchurch due to fog
  • Circle Nelson for ages
  • Land in Wellington
  • Hang round on plane
  • Eventually end up in Auckland
  • Car can’t be be located
  • Offered and declined the offer of a red ute instead


  • Normal day at work – if there is such a thing


  • Fly to Sydney to attend half of a 2-day meeting on Thursday
  • Haven’t done the prep work for the meeting


  • Got up early to do prep work for meeting
  • Meeting surprisingly good (isn’t it amazing how working to a deadline really focuses the mind?)
  • Flight home delayed
  • Text saying the following morning’s flight at 6.30am is “highly likely to be cancelled”
  • Move flight to 8.20am
  • Arrive at airport hotel at 1am
  • Bathroom light keeps flashing
  • Lose the will to live so rig up a temporary structure in the bathroom to block it out


  • Flagged breakfast to get an extra 1/2 hour in bed
  • Walk to domestic terminal
  • New flight cancelled
  • 2nd new flight cancelled
  • 3rd new flight cancelled
  • Offered the option to fly at 7pm or, maybe a 6 hour bus trip?
  • Decide to rebook for Saturday
  • Have another debacle getting car out of valet parking
  • Happened to notice that my original flight had departed on time at 6.30 am
  • Realise I could have gone to the Variety fundraiser ball this evening after all


  • Get up early for a disastrous foggy sunrise en route to the airport
  • Flight cancelled x 2 again
  • Offered a flight in the evening again but no point going now
  • Came home via a cafe & a better view of at least a bit of sun
  • Spot a photo online taken of the wonderful Auckland sunrise this morning
Foggy sunrise
The most beautiful sunrise photo taken this morning by Jana Luo
  • Get another text – been rebooked on a flight at 11am! Great! Back to car to get to airport
  • Notice the app has me going to Christchurch…
  • Decide I’m never flying again
  • Come home
  • Lie down
  • Soak in bath
  • Open wine
  • Make a video

AND IT’S BEEN THE MOST FANTASTIC SPRING DAY EVER SINCE… See? It’s not just me is it? I really do live in a parallel universe sometimes.

In better news, the wonderful Laura sent me the most amazing crocheted delights for my tree art and my mate Amy took me out to finish the cheese. That’s right, cheese – done. 50 cheeses consumed. I feel a spreadsheet coming on…

A beautiful parcel

There is no travel next week.




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