A very public PDA, kombucha and more cycling

It’s been a long time, basically because I’ve been crazy busy. This, coupled with the fact that WordPress seems to have made uploading a video a bigger deal than my annual tax return, means that I’ve been really quiet. Some would say that’s a good thing… Others fear I’ve fallen into a hole and have yet to emerge. Some would say that’s a good thing too…

The good news is that progress on the 50Before50 challenges has been steady and I’m on track. I know this because I have channelled my inner nerd into some impressive spreadsheets and graphs with which I won’t bore you as I do value my friendships and I’d like to think that people don’t consider me completely dull. It’s a big tick for the wines and cheeses which are DONE! I’ve published my list of top 10 whites and top 10 reds on Instagram but am still considering the top 10 wines overall. Ironically the reds scored lower overall with only reds scoring 10 out of 10 but being a bigger fan of whites, I’m not sure I’m that happy with too many reds topping out my list. Maybe I should have gone for 50 sparkling wines after all. Meanwhile, while I procrastinate, I’m doing well on films, random acts of kindness, nail painting and tree art.

My tree art is now taller than me
Yes, believe it or not, I had never seen the Sound of Music before!

I mentioned before that I have reconsidered some of my goals as I really wanted to give a nod to cycling and try and get fitter, all of which will help one of my biggest challenges which is to get to 50-something kgs. Obviously I need to get things done in the right order as ideally I want to be 50-something kgs before I embark on having my body painted and walking down the street naked. Otherwise it might cost me a fortune in paint and I might get mistaken for a walking jelly. So, on to the list came 50 consecutive days of exercise which have been hard work but I am now nearing the end.

My mate Cate and I celebrate at the top of a hill after an impromptu tramp for exercise day #32

Next up comes cycling the equivalent of 50 rides of 50 kms ie 2500 altogether. Hopefully these things will lead people to take notice and sponsor me because the ultimate goal is to raise money to buy another 50 bikes for Variety’s Bikes for Kids programme. I met with Carly and Jess from Variety last week and I will launch this new cycling challenge after Labour Day. I have made some sacrifices of my own to kickstart the fundraising. I’ve made a donation for 1 bike so now there are only 49 to go and I have given up my second coffee of the day to donate the cash to the fund. I will plan some more fundraising events with which hopefully people will join in and have fun. These might include baking events as I also need to make 48 more new recipes, my latest attempt of a flourless coconut and chocolate cake being consumed enthusiastically by my mates recently.

Belinda’s flourless coconut and chocolate cake from Ottolenghi’s Sweet. Recipe #2

I will also sell clothes, shoes and things I no longer need on Trademe and donate the profits so if anyone wants to contribute some old stuff they no longer want but can’t be bothered to sell themselves, then that would be a great (and easy) way to help. All other ideas will be gratefully accepted. I’m open to most things, as you all know by now.

Anyway, here are some videos I made, most of which are amusing in some way:

  1. An update on my progress, including a sneak preview of the tree art:

2. Black Fridays 2018 might be starting early:

3. Please don’t ever make me try kombucha

4. My latest sunrise was also a surprise

So, until next time xx



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